Journal Articles by R. W. Ludwig

J. Currie, V. Manda, S. K. Robinson, C. Lai, V. Agnihotri, V. Hidalgo, R. W. Ludwig, K. Zhang, et al.
Simultaneous proteome localization and turnover analysis reveals spatiotemporal features of protein homeostasis disruptions
Nat Commun, 15(1), 2207, 2024
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Y. Han, S. A. Wennersten, J. M. Wright, R. W. Ludwig, E. Lau, and M. P. Y. Lam
Proteogenomics reveals sex-biased aging genes and coordinated splicing in cardiac aging
Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol, 323(3), H538-H558, 2022
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D. E. Hammond, D. M. Simpson, C. Franco, M. W. Muelas, J. Waters, R. W. Ludwig, M. C. Prescott, J. L. Hurst, et al.
Harmonizing labeling and analytical strategies to obtain protein turnover rates in intact adult animals
Mol Cell Proteomics, 21(7), 100252, 2022
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R. Ludwig and E. Lau
JCAST: Sample-specific protein isoform databases for mass spectrometry-based proteomics experiments
Software Impacts, 10, 100163, 2021
proteomics mass spectrometry rna sequencing alternative splicing protein isoforms proteoforms proteogenomics